Analysis Of A Most Terrible Plague By Giovanni Boccaccio

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The primary source I chose for my analysis is “A Most Terrible Plague: Giovanni Boccaccio”. This document focuses on the account of how individuals acted when a plague broke out and hundreds of people were dying every day. This source is written by Giovanni Boccaccio as it is a story told by him and friends as they passed the time. Boccaccio discusses how “the plague had broken out some years before in the Levant, and after passing from place to place, and making incredible havoc along the way, had now reached the west.” Readers of this source can assume there wasn’t much cures and medicinal technology weren’t used much during this time as even their physicians stayed away from the sick because once they got close they would also get sick. The purpose of Boccaccio preparing the document …show more content…

“…for their terror was such, that a brother even fled from his brother, a wife from her husband, and, what is more uncommon, a parent from his own child.” It is presumed that Boccaccio was either there during this plague or had firsthand accounts by how vividly and accurately he describes the plague. It seems as though Boccaccio values Florence very much as well as God and Heaven as he speaks of them highly the beginning and end of the story. Epistemology or the truth content in this piece is extremely accurate since this plague did happen and Boccaccio has first-hand information about it. Readers can also find out the epistemology of this piece by researching this plague and would likely find the same information that Boccaccio has

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