Why Did The Plague Spread In The 1300s

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The Plague During the 1300s Asia was struck with one of the most deadly diseases, the plague. This deadly disease is very contagious, if you are in the same room with the person that is infected, the disease is already inside you and you could soon get it. Back in the 1300s when the plague broke out the people in the towns would wear cloth over their mouths and noses to protect them. After having contact with the infected person their clothes would be burned to kill the disease. There are a few symptoms of this disease, one is the black tongue. High fever is the next symptom, the last and final symptom are blood filled boils usually found, everywhere. It soon had spread throughout Europe but the main question is how did it get there from Asia? One of the major reasons it spread was when the people were in contact with the fleas on black rats. Throughout Asia?s towns and streets were…show more content…
There are many theories of how it was stopped; one of them is through implementation of quarantines. People would stay out of the way of infected people or rats. Another one is that people said it didn?t entirely stop it would keep coming back but it wasn?t as bad as the first time it hit. They said that it would keep coming back people so people started to become immune and it wouldn?t affect some people.
There are many types of plagues and what they do to people is all different. One is the bubonic plague; it is the most common one to catch. It refers to telltale buboes, painfully swollen nodes that appear around the groin, armpit and neck. Another one is the pneumonic plague; it is the most infectious one to get. It is the advanced stage of the bubonic plague. It is so contagious if someone even coughs around you, you are going to get it. The last one is the septicemia plague, it spreads through the bloodstream. It comes from infected fleas or infected

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