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Plague of Athens In ancient times when ever there was a new disease it devastated the population. The Athenians of ancient Greece where no different from any other people in those regards. Due to the Peloponnesian War in which Sparta was attacking Athens, the crowded city environment was the perfect breeding ground for one such pestilence. The cramped living quarters, lack of fresh water, and proper disposal of waste only helped to spread the virus. Thus was the staging ground for the Plague of Athens. The summer of 430-429B.C. was not unusually humid; however, due to the population being moved within the city walls due to the war only hastened the spread and severity of the virus. Actually, with those conditions any virus would have spread extremely fast. During the first outbreak those conditions resulted in a mortality rate of thirty-three percent of the population. Which, was not an uncommon number of deaths for that time period, due to the medical treatment and preventative drugs that where available. What is uncommon is this plague is it affected young men and not just the old or children. There are many different speculations as to what disease the Plague actually was, especially within the last century. Although, none have been proven yet. With the difference of opinion on the …show more content…

The cramped living conditions, lack of proper medical care, and even lack of attention for the sick helped the virus spread. With the medical knowledge available at the time that is not hard to fathom. Plus one has to take into count self-preservation. The best chance to stay healthy was to avoid anyone who may have the plague or someone who has possibly come into contact with a victim of it. Which was basically impossible in those conditions. So do you help the sick or let them die alone and miserable? That is question no one ever wants to

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