Analysis Of Between The World And Me By Ta Neehisi Coates

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Between the World and Me, written by Ta Nehisi Coates in 2015. The book is basically an extended letter of advice from Coates to his son Samori. I believe the most important message Ta Nehisi Coates shared in “Between the World and Me” is that the African American body has not been and still is not valued in the United States because of the euphoric dream that mainstream America lives in. On page 5 , Coates begins the book mentioning a talk show host asking him what it meant to for him to lose his body. By asking him this, Coates felt that the show host was “asking me to awaken her from the most gorgeous dream” (Coates, pgs.10-11). Coates said that the dream was something of familiar sight to him. It contained “Perfect houses with nice lawns.

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