What Is The Theme Of In Texas Grass By Frederick Douglass

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The way all these stories connect is because it talks about slavery. Starting with Fredrick Douglass, with his story of reading to get out of slavery. Then, a book similar to “My bondage and my freedom” this book is written about Fredrick Douglass. “In Texas Grass” is slavery that never ended after all. Starting with “My Bondage and My Freedom,” Fredrick Douglass grew up a slave actually learning to read. Then, slavery caught in and he could not read anymore, he tried his best to keep on learning. He soon realized that slavery made people cruel, so he grew up hating slavery. Next is “Fredrick Douglass” by Robert Hayden, it talks about how Douglass lived as a free man by speaking his mind. How bad it was to be another color and treated differently.
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