Analysis Of Cesar Vallejo's Poem 'Los Heraldos De Negros'

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In Cesar Vallejo’s poem, “Los Heraldos de Negros”, in English called “The Black Heralds”, themes of God, children, love, and tragic consciousness emerge. My aim here is to examine another important source of his meaning, which is how the speaker sees God’s role in his encounters with life’s struggles. In the poem, a hateful God replaces a merciful God. The nature of this hateful God poses as a savior but instead of being helpful, or being resurrected to save humankind, he poses as a false or fake entity, which confuses and frustrates the speaker. Vallejo depicts God as hateful instead of merciful, because the speaker challenges and questions God’s methods. Vallejo continues by displaying an acute message, painful frustration at being unable to determine why life is so hard. This would interpret that not only difficulties of life can take a toll physically, but mentally as well and lead you to question why our lord and savior continues to be blind or to assist with our derailments in life. Vallejo’s thinking of God could be looked at as unorthodox. Most refrain from having an unorthodox kind of mentality about God. Most usually, worship, praise, pray, and see God as a true savior of humankind and that God is always there by our side. In Vallejo’s poem, …show more content…

According to the poem “the blows as from God’s hatred; as if, before them, the backwash of everything suffered welled-up in the soul…I just don’t know!” This references that the blows are so strong that they are capable of causing all the memories of one’s suffering to well up, capable of causing the pain to rise up from the depths of the soul to the surface. When Vallejo writes, “I just don’t know!” this is an outcry of exasperation and frustration, when the speaker questions his own analogy or emphasis on the impossibility of knowing why terrible things

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