Citizen Kane Essay

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Citizen Kane is an Orson Welles American drama film released in 1941. Orson Welles worked with Herman J. Mankiewicz on the script and with Gregg Toland in cinematography. The film is about a reporter who wants to unveil the meaning behind the word, “Rosebud” Charles Foster Kane last uttered. Citizen Kane was based after Anatole France’s novel, "Thaïs.” It was nominated in nine categories in the Academy awards and won the Academy Award for Best Writing (Original Screenplay). Film critics consider it to be the greatest film ever existed, resulting it to be nominated five consecutive times as the greatest film of all time in the Sight & Sound Polls. The film begins in a property in Florida named Xanadu with a big “K” and a “no trespassing” sign. Afterwards, snowflakes fill the screen. As the camera zooms out, a cabin comes into sight, and as it zooms out more, a snow globe in the hand of an old man becomes visible. The scene shown earlier was the inside of the snow globe held by the old man. Subsequently, the camera gives emphasis to the mouth of the old man which mumbled, “Rosebud”, and had his last breath resulting to the snow globe falling onto the floor. The door opens and a nurse enters the room. She folds the arms of the old man over his chest and covers him with white cloth. The next scene shows a newsreel entitled “News on the March” full of Charles Foster Kane’s death announcements. Charles Foster Kane is a former newspaper publisher. News on the March served as an

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