Cinematic Techniques In Citizen Kane

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As the movie poster from Citizen Kane says, "Everybody 's talking about it, It 's terrific!" Though, what exactly is it that makes Citizen Kane the best movie of all time? Many, such as the New York Times on its debut in 1941, have acknowledged that "Citizen Kane was "one of the great (if not the greatest) motion pictures of all time" (qtd. in Brown). The movie is even in many top movie lists in rather high-ranking positions. The story is about a reporter trying to figure out just what the word "rosebud" meant to Kane, as it shows many flashbacks to Kane 's life as well. The movie its self also has multiple narratives, with a little something that everyone can find a point to enjoy in the movie. Citizen Kane is the best film in existence because of the multiple techniques used in the cinematography, it spans multiple …show more content…

Bravura meaning great technical skill shown in a performance, and Citizen Kane is filled with such skill, in the many scenes mentioned as well as throughout the whole film. For example, the scene where the dying Kane drops a snow globe and the door way is shown almost as if it 's through the broken glass of it is a great example of one of the techniques used. Deep focus is also a technique used throughout the film, deep focus being a technique were nearly the whole shot is in focus. Deep focus is used in many scenes, one of the most prominent being when Kane loses control of his empire as David Brown

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