Charles Foster Kane And The American Dream

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The United States of America is a big, powerful and wealthy country in the world. The division of class, individuality, religion, and race are but a few of the embellishments within the society. The blend of these numerous diversities is the crucial ingredient to the modern nation. America has been formed upon them, with that said the “average American”- have a single means in common; a single concept; a single goal; the American Dream. The Dream consists of a seemingly simple theory; success. Charles Foster Kane possessed everything that a materialistic man could dream to have: money, power, a successful career, women, and extravagant possessions some men would go to extremes lengths to have. Yet, Charles had it all. The most important ingredient of happiness in life Kane lacked however, was the single component he couldn 't buy and that was: love. "You won 't get lonely, Charles... You 'll be the richest man in the world someday." (Citizen Kane, 1941) Kane’s parents used the power of money as an accessory for giving him away to a billionaire. Since that day, the protagonist went through a traumatizing experience, insecurity and redisposition due to his parents’ actions, which marked the beginning of his tortuous need, to be loved. This unreturned love created a sense of fear and mistrust to love something or someone, only to experience abandonment again was something Kane never got a chance to learn. Citizen Kane broke all the rules because of Welles, there were no
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