How Did Citizen Kane Change

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The Film Citizen Kane was a groundbreaking film in the 1940’s, the way Orson Wells depicts his film with different lighting, cinematography, choice of camera shots and mise-en-scene throughout this movie truly showed the masterpiece that this film is. In the Film Citizen Kane, it was the first movie that went against true Hollywood cinema by introducing flashbacks throughout the movie to show us how Charles Foster Kane changes throughout the movie. Throughout this movie the audience can see how Charles Foster Kane undergoes a variety of physical and emotional changes from when he was just a young boy all the way until his unfortunate death. Power, that’s all that Kane wanted in the start of the film. In the beginning of the film Kane gets ownership of the struggling New York Daily Inquirer, Kane suggests that he wanted to use journalism to apply to the public and protect the interest of ordinary people. Kane turned the Daily Inquirer Into a successful business and eventually hired the staff from the New York Chronicle. How Kane wanted to protect the ordinary people and turned this struggling business into a money maker shows the audience that Kane wanted to be loved and wanted power through journalism. Kane struggled throughout his life with two failed marriages that took a toll on him and changed his …show more content…

After the performance he finds one of his employees Leland drunk at a typewriter writing a negative review on Susan, Kane finished the article and ran it throughout all of his papers, Eventually leading up to Susan’s suicide attempt and then leading her to give up on her singing career. After these sequence of events it shows the audience how another one of Kane’s attempts to be successful and loved through his young new wife has failed and takes a toll on Kane emotionally as he begins to hit the later part of his

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