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Bromination of (E)-Stilbene Kaisha Butz Lab Partner: Jenna Knafo Instructor: Dr. Beatrix Aukszi LA: Paige Swalley 10/28/2014 Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to synthesize the second intermediate (meso-stilbene dibromide) in the E-Stilbene reaction by Bromination. It was hypothesized that if the reaction was heated at 120°C for five minutes the reaction between E-stilbene and the pyridium bromide perbromide would occur, and meso-stilbene would be created. After the reaction occurred the results were analyzed by IR and by an ignition test. The hypothesis was supported by the employed methods. Introduction: This experiment was performed to show how bromination of alkenes reacts, and to be able to successfully synthesize meso-stilbene dibromide. The reaction of bromine with alkenes is an addition reaction where the nucleophilic double bond attacks the electrophilic bromine …show more content…

This should be the case. The only difference in the spectroscopy was the lack of the carbon-carbon double bond in the meso-stilbene dibromide. The IR spectroscopy in the lab does not have the ability to measure the wavelength of carbon-bromine bonds because it is not within the range of the machine. Therefore, the two IR spectroscopies of the two substances were very similar because they both contained aromatic rings with similar wave numbers (cm-1) (Table 1, Table

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