Analysis Of Eulogy For A College Honor Society By Mike Rose

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Mike Rose wrote an essay in a newsletter for a college honor society. This essay dives into the working class and different perspectives of it. Rose writes about experiences he had growing up seeing people who in his family work blue-collar jobs. He talks about the skills used in their jobs and the skills that were learned during working in the jobs. Rose discusses his experiences with getting a college education and working as a professor. He then discusses how people in this job field may be unfairly judged, and how they possess intelligence even though it may be in a different way then white-collar workers. This essay has many claims that the author dives into, to show his viewpoint and justify his purpose. One of the author's claims is that people who work blue collar jobs gain knowledge and skills even if they …show more content…

This essay was originally written for a college honor society newsletter, yet I think that as the years go on the audience has changed. First and foremost, the paper was written in the college newsletter, in order to shine a light on blue-collar workers and the skill and the importance of the people that work in these jobs. Many people that are in college probably do not have parents or family members that work in jobs that are not white-collar and probably have a formal education. So in writing this essay Rose is trying to stop some of the stereotypes and prejudices that blue-collar workers face, and educate a younger generation on blue-collar workers as people and not just someone that may serve you food. This I felt was the purpose for the first audience, yet I feel as the essay has gained popularity the audience has changed. I do believe that it is still for college students, yet not primarily college students. The story is for anyone that doesn't quite understand the complexity and intelligence that goes into blue-collar

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