Analysis Of Franklin D. Roosevelt And The New Deal And Photographing History

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Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in the Great Depression?
Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal and Photographing History both tell how others can take action or play an important part in helping others. However these stories can also be different.

“Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal” I think the author’s point of view in this passage is that he feels passionately about what Franklin D. Roosevelt did. In “Photographing History” many people in the United States were beginning to become poor and homeless living on the streets with not much food to survive. The text stated, “People were hungry and often ended up living on the street. Farmers had a hard time, too. Beginning around 1931, the Great Plains part of the country experienced a severe drought.” To solve this issue, Franklin D. Roosevelt and other members of congress came up with several programs to help farmers and others living on the street such as the Farm Security Administration and the Tennessee Valley Authority, which both helped poor farmers get the …show more content…

In “Photographing History” People were still living on the streets poor, with nothing to help them or really do. But one day, one camera would change the entire world. Dorothea Lange, a young woman born in the United States, was really wanting to help others by documenting them with camera’s by taking pictures. The text stated, “When the Great Depression began, Lange started to photograph people throughout San Francisco's neighborhoods. Some were homeless or hungry—and many did not have jobs.” When Dorothea Lange uploaded her photos, others sprang in to take action and help others in need. The text stated, “People were troubled by what they saw in Lange’s photographs. This caused the government to send twenty-thousand pounds of food to the camp where the migrant mother was

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