Fault In Our Stars Theme

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Imagine falling in love with a girl of your dreams and finding out you guys are both going to die. Well, in the novel “Fault In Our Stars” by John Green that delusion does happen. When Augustus found out he was going to die, it illustrates the theme that life is to short which they notice and take more adventures. Augustus found the girl of his dreams and decided to live more freely with her. They decided to go use his one free trip to go to Amsterdam. They’re expectation were surprisingly unmet because of the visit of their favorite Author. Their love lead them to more adventures. They spent most of their time together. In this novel “The Fault In Our Stars” John Green is also trying to illustrate that love conquers all. The life of Hazel …show more content…

It killed Augustus after 8 days they planed a fake funeral “Augustus Waters died eight days after his prefuneral, at Memorial, in the ICU, when the cancer, which was made of him, finally stopped his heart, which was also made of him” (Green 223). Augustus wanted to be famous at his funeral but not a lot of people showed up and was eight empty seats. At the Funeral people were scared of touching the dead body because of how bad he died of the cancer.” When Hazel arrives at the Literal Heart of Jesus Church for Augustus’ funeral, she sits in back of the visitation room. She notices that there are about eighty chairs, but one third of them are empty. She watches people walk to his coffin, some cry, others just say something to him. Each person touches the coffin, too afraid to touch his body. Hazel notes that no one wants to touch the dead” ( Green 248). Cancer takes a toll on the people around them and very hard for the family. Hazel notices the toll Augustus’ death has taken on his parents, reminding her of her own fears for her parents after she dies. The stabbing pain stems from this idea, she is suffering due to Augustus' death, but she is also going to cause pain by her own

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