Analysis Of Julius Caesar Act 3 Scene 1

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In act 3 scene 1 of the play “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare, four noblemen attack Caesar brutally. The conspirators killed Caesar based on his arrogant behavior and hunger for power. He desperately wanted the crown. They knew that if he became king, Julius Caesar would be a tyrant. To avoid the problem, they assassinated him altogether. This picture represents when Brutus, Casca, Cassius and Decius stabbed Julius Caesar to death. The first that stabbed Caesar was Casca. A couple minutes passed by, and the rest of the men followed his actions. The last one to stab him was Brutus. Noticing that Brutus, too, has joined the conspirators, Caesar, before he falls, says his final words: “Et tu, Brute?” Then, as he suffers, he takes his last

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