Character Analysis Essay On Julius Caesar

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Once again, Shakespeare was able to bring his characters to life. By blending love, emotion, tension and anticipation together, a masterpiece was created. Through his art work, a number of characters evolved. Julius Caesar was not only the main character, but he was a man made up of words, words of Shakespeare, that perfectly represented the three views that made him complete; the inner personality of Caesar, his physical traits and other characters' views of him. An important figure in Rome, a part of the ruling council and a great leader that was admired by all. Caesar was a man of power, a power so great that he controlled Rome with a switch of a button. A man who is blessed with this factor must not misuse it, this man viewed as kind, caring and humble to the public despite the tyrant power he has. Julius has a quality that is rare in this case, since his position does not usually acquire it, which is being observant as he watched mysterious characters' every move; therefore, being…show more content…
Caesar was loved by the majority thus, almost worshiped because of the light and greatness he has brought to the beloved city of Rome. Every decision and every move that was made by him was considered the right path. "My heart laments that virtue cannot live out of the teeth of emulation" is a quote said by one of Caesar's admirers; this quote creates a wedge between the two views people had about him. The minority, or the dangerously bright group, marked this Roman as unjust, evil, corrupt and a tyrant to be. Also, a man of lies that uses his people's love for his own benefit; this group had these thoughts for the sake of not wanting a greedy and dreadful dictator or simply being jealous. The audience was unfortunately unable to judge whether Julius was a white heart or not since the rage built by his haters stabbed him, before allowing them to deduce his
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