Analysis Of Letters To The President By Hawk Nelson

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The song I chose to analyze is “Letters to the President” by Hawk Nelson. It is a song that has a strong resonance in today 's society and inspires me. It is in the genre of “Pop-Punk” , which has had many songs released in the same vein of attempting to make a political statement. The artist attempts to convey that it is important that as a society the two main components of a song are the lyrics and instrumentals. While the instrumentation lends to the lyrics of the song, but it is not the most prominent thing in the song. The lyrics are definitely the stronger component of this particular song. The instrumentals for the majority of the song are fast paced attempting to awaken a sense of urgency within the listener, while also attempting to …show more content…

But for now, I won 't say nothing.” It refers to having the bravery to stand up for what is right and what you believe in. It also mentions the importance that the government plays in education, “take a good look at Tommy, he 's a track star, good role model, had a chance to go real farm then the school made a budget-cut. Cut out the track team Now instead Tommy is a crack head”. It is important that the government is made aware of the issues that we, as a society face. Such as funding in our educational system and the importance of extracurricular activities. Even though this song was written more than ten years ago, it still remains pertinent. The artist mentions issues we face on a daily basis, “Same-sex marriage in a state where they don 't care. Murder is wrong but the jail time 's not fair. Not to mention date rape, felony, and car theft. Break it down and tell me what we 've got left.” It is important to look at the issues in our society and make it known that we are not pleased and that it is time for a change. As the song draws to a close, the artist becomes inspired, instead of saying nothing, he states “he’ll start with something”

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