Analysis Of Make Lemonade By Virginia Wolff

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After reading the powerful novel, Make Lemonade, written by Virginia Wolff, I reflect on the life of a young woman living in poverty. It takes you on the life journey of 17 year-old, single mother Jolly, opening your eyes to the lives of less fortunate people. Many interventions occur throughout the novel. Towards the end of the book, Jolly joins the Mom’s up program for young mothers, so she can receive an education which will hopefully result in a higher paying job in the future. At school, Jolly heard a sorrowful story about a blind woman and understands the meaning of it. Eventually, Jolly no longer needs the help of her babysitter, LaVaughn, because she has learned how to manage most aspects of her life. In the final chapters of Make Lemonade , Jolly joins the Mom’s up program after being encouraged by LaVaughn. She does this for the sake of her two young children, Jeremy and Jilly. At school, Jolly takes a wide variety of classes including accounting, geography, and swim class. To LaVaughns surprise, Jolly excels in her classes and has dedicated herself to her schoolwork. In swim class, Jolly must learn how to perform CPR. This skill becomes useful when her two year-old daughter, Jolly, begins to choke on a spider. Jolly saves her daughter’s life and is grateful for the …show more content…

In the story, we learn about an old blind women looking to buy an orange. After purchasing an orange for her children, she falls downs and is emotionally injured by some local men. One man switches the orange with a lemon and leaves her to believe she still has her orange fruit. Later on, when the blind woman returns home, she realizes she has been given a lemon, after smelling its tart stench. Instead of cursing or acting out with anger, she makes lemonade with it. She made the best out of a tough situation with what she was given. Jolly makes the connection of this story to her own life, and learns a lesson from

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