Summary Of Mother And Daughter By Gary Soto

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“What could she do?” (Soto 3). We have all at some point or another been the victim of circumstance, whether we accept it or not. The short story “Mother and Daughter” by Gary Soto tells the story of an instance in which eighth grader, Yollie Moreno, is the victim of circumstance. Yollie is a smart, but innocent, young woman who lives with her impoverished mother. Mrs. Moreno and her daughter have a strong, loving relationship, however they have an altercation when Yollie wants a new dress for the school dance, but her mother cannot afford to do anything but dye one she already has. The dyed dress looks beautiful and new until it gets rained on, then it begins to drip dye, embarrassing Yollie in front of her classmates. This story shows a great

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