Does Martin Luther King Jr Mean In Letter From Birmingham Jail

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The words, laziness and discipline are descriptive words that normally do not appear in the same context. Laziness is driven from the desire of comfort while discipline is conquering the discomfort and embracing the grind. We live in a world where we may not consider ourselves lazy, but we are. A verse from the Bible, Proverbs 26:14 says, “As a door turns on its hinges, so a sluggard turns on his bed.” This verse is a riddle and it is saying as a door moves on its hinges the door in not going anywhere. Similarly, the individual lying in bed, turning over and you can almost imagine the individual pressing the snooze button. In the era of the Civil Rights Movement Martin Luther King Jr. decided not to press the snooze button. He knew “if we are …show more content…

Dr. King held true to the ancient philosopher, Aristotle, in his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” to defend the nonviolent resistance by using rhetorical appeals where he compels to his audience 's understanding of logic, emotions, and moral values.
Logos refers to proof, or facts, provided by the words in Dr. King’s letter. Eight clergymen of Alabama wrote a letter to Martin Luther King Jr. on April 12, 1963 stating they understand the issue of racial segregation, but do not want the fight and tension to move into the public. The religious leaders criticize Dr. King’s actions as “unwise and untimely” and urged for honest and fair negotiations (Letter). Dr. King was arrested April 12, the same day the letter was written to him, thus he decided to spend his time in jail responding to the criticisms written by “men of genuine good will” (King 3). Dr. King begins developing his manifesto and within the first pages of his letter, he presents a logical argument. He responds to the words of the clergymen criticizing his nonviolent resistance to ending social injustice by describing the four simple tests that prove if social injustice is taking place. In Birmingham, Dr. King …show more content…

King was a sonorous voice for African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. He refused to give in to the comfort of laziness and decided to conquer the discomfort of discipline. Dr. King listened to God who presented him with a miraculous gift of writing, public speaking, and standing for equality. He was able to relate to this gift by relating to God as he held true to this faith and belief. In a corrupt society where he was constantly being degraded and belittled, he embraced his calling to persuade others to fight for social injustice. He urged the church leaders to stand up for what they know is right, and fight for the good alongside Dr. King. Rather the clergymen decided to silence their voices hiding in the shadows of reality. In the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” Martin Luther King Jr. is able to plant seeds of justice in the minds who followed the unjust law. He meticulously developed his letter in which he was able to connect to a broad and diverse audience through rhetorical appeals logos, pathos, and

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