Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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Elie Wiesel’s story of his experience in the holocaust. The author is Elie Wiesel, his story takes place in the concentration camp, a theme word from this story is strength. In night, Elie Wiesel demonstrates everyone has the strength to push through trying situations even though they might not think it’s there through the separation of his family, seeing his dad struggle, and his injured foot.
Elie Wiesel showed a lot of strength when his family was separated. “Men to the left!, women to the right! There was no time to think, and I already felt my father’s hand press against mine: we were alone. In a fraction of a second I could see my mother, my sister’s, moving to the right” (Wiesel 29). Elie had to push through the separation with his strength he didn’t really knew he had. His family being seperated was really hard on him but he had to fight through his pain to show he was a strong man and that he deserved to live and wasn’t crazy. Seeing his mom and sister go separate ways from him and his dad was really hard for him. Another thing that showed a lot of strength was when he had to constantly …show more content…

“I decided to give my father lessons in marching in step, in keeping time. We began practicing in front of our block. I would command: left, right, and my father would try. The inmates made fun of us: look at the little officer, teaching the old man to march...but my father did not make sufficient progress, and the blows continued to rain on him” (Wiesel 55). Seeing his dad struggle so much with marching and keeping up made it harder for him to push through but he found the strength within him to be able to try and help his dad get through his struggles. Trying to help his dad learn how to march was very difficult for him because he couldn’t get it right and he had to show a lot of strength to get through that. The last thing that made him struggle was his foot

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