Analysis Of Ocho Apellidos Vascos

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Ocho Apellidos Vascos is a quirky love story between Amaia and Anxton (whose actual name is Rafa). It begins in a Sevillan bar where a Basque woman is out with her friends. She’s very drunk, and has obviously been having a pretty terrible time since her husband-to-be left her with a large sum of debt. An Andalusian man, Rafa, is on stage telling rude jokes about Basque women. The Basque woman, Amaia tells him off. They remove her from the bar, and then Amaia and Rafa go to his place in a fit of love- only for her to fall asleep. She slips out the next day, but leaves her purse behind- which sends Rafa on his journey to confess his love for her. Before he leaves to find Amaia- Rafa tries to call her father, Koldo, but the phone died. While …show more content…

As explained to me, there is a broad difference between Northern and Southern Spaniards. Northerners are typically more serious, men are ‘macho’, and women are colder. Southerners are partiers, nappers, very religious, and the men are notorious for gelling their hair. Throughout the movie, there were many moments of subtle, and overt prejudice against people depending on where they were from. In the United States, there are tons of stereotypes and prejudices. My view of stereotypes is probably skewed since I am primarily a Northerner, but I will try to remain objective. For example, southerners are typically depicted as friendly if you’re similar to them, but more conservative. Northerners are more accepting as a whole, and are generally more liberal. Another, easier way to distinguish Americans is to look at the conservative vs liberal debate. People who are conservative, typically devalue things that help make communities fully functional for all members. People who are liberal look out for all members of community, and step back from the capitalist approach of every man for himself. This doesn’t apply to all people who identify as either, but it is a general stereotype. This relates to Ocho Apellidos Vascos in the sense that two completely different people, who have political differences come together and fall in love. Maybe liberals and conservatives don’t fall in love per say- but they can work together.

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