Analysis Of Rawan Yaghi's 'From Beneath'

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Could you imagine living in a place that was under constant warfare? This was the reality author Rawan Yaghi wrote of in her personal narrative From Beneath. In the article What’s the Environmental Impact of War by Karl Mathiesen he uses facts and statistics to inform readers of the extreme negative effects war has on the environment. In the personal narrative, From Benath by Rawan Yaghi, she writes about her first time experiencing a bombing while living in the Gaza strip a Palestinian territory that experiences violence due to the war between Isreal and Palestine. In What’s the Environmental Impact of War and From Beneath Karl Mathiesen and Rawan Yaghi use ethos, logos, and pathos in order to persuade the reader that war is harmful.
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The backgroud information before her aticle states, “Rawan Yaghi, a Palestinian writer, who lives in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian terrority that experiences violence during the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine.” This background information about the author of the story shows her credibility. This information explains to the readers that this is the author’s firsthand experience. This builds her argument because readers understand that the bombing happened at her home to her and her family. Without this context, the readers would have less reason to believe or listen to what the author wrote. In the next quote the author writes about being stuck beneath the wreckage of her home after a bombing saying, “And just then it occurred to me. No one was coming to help me. There was no movement in any part of the house. I wept even harder.” The author is talking about her experience which affects the reader's emotions. When reading this quote readers will feel the author’s devastation and pain of losing her family. This will persuade readers because they will feel empathy for her and will see that war had a terrible effect on the author and her

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