Effects Of A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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Living in a world where violence is commonly seen on the news, we have grown accustomed to these events. The fact that countries are always fighting with one another, has made human beings more accepting of violence. Although the images of people being slaughtered, or murdered can be alarming, it is often viewed without any remorse. Furthermore, the agonizing effects that war has on civilians can negatively impact the rest of their lives. After reading the novel, “A long way gone: Memoirs of a boy solider” written by Ishmael Beah, the effect that war had on the civilians was excruciating and unforgettable. In fact, the children living in Sierra Leone, had to adapt to the war stricken environment around them. By carefully examining Ishmael’s …show more content…

Also, the war had an immediate effect on his friends in various ways. The community was also impacted by the events that took place. Often, war is caused by disputes between various countries, and is fought for a greater good; however, many citizens suffer the consequences.
For Ishmael Beah, a thirteen-year-old, life was very troublesome. Throughout his lifetime in Sierra Leone he had to battle to stay alive. He was on a journey to Mattru Jong with his friends when the war outbreak occurred. On his path to escape the war, he had to make sacrifices to ensure his life was not in jeopardy. Ishmael witnessed the hardships that war had on the various citizens living in Sierra Leone. The rebels, who were the enemies attacking villages for wealth, was a group of young adults that ranged from the ages of ten to nineteen. Since Ishmael was separated from his family, he had to avoid the rebels to see them again. By carefully making his way back to the village to reunite with his family, he encountered his old neighbours who had been effected by the war. One of the causalities he witnessed plagued his mind, in search of his family. It was of a woman and her baby, she had, “blood running …show more content…

Her child had been shot dead as she ran for her life” (Beah 13). This effected Ishmael because he was not used to the images of people being injured. Seeing the infant shot dead, and the mother not having time to properly mourn for the child, scarred Ishmael’s mind. Being young and full of life, as Ishmael once was, had all come to an end when the war hit his village. Furthermore, Ishmael was used to his parents always looking after him, but now he must survive on his own with death knocking at his door. Another event that Ishmael come upon effecting his perception on life, was the attack of the rebels. When the rebels invaded the village, Ishmael and his friends fled into the nearest forest to escape the attack, “the RPG caught up with them. One of them caught the fragments of the RPG. He cried out loudly and screamed that he was blind. No one dared to help him” (Beah 25). After this event developed, Ishmael became very paranoid, as would any. The fact that he witnessed

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