Analysis Of So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs From Americans By Jimmy Santiago Baca

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In the recent years, the controversial belief of whether or not Mexicans are taking employment opportunities away from Americans has been vocal issue now more than ever. This may have been sparked by the presidential race of 2017, in which a candidate ran using this controversial belief as a campaign “slogan” that caused outrage amongst some Americans. Jimmy Santiago Baca’s poem “So Mexicans are taking Jobs from Americans” is relevant to today’s argument within our society even though this poem was written many years ago. Jimmy speaks to his audience in a bitter tone, who I perceive to be those who are protesting against those who are Mexican living in the United States. The main idea of the poem is that the author is trying to explain how Mexicans are not forcing other Americans out of a job but that they are working hard to feed their starving children and there are …show more content…

White Americans are showcased to be misinformed and he strengthens his point on that by showing that not only Mexicans and African Americans are both judged when in reality they are both working twice as hard to survive and attain no befits because they are not registered as an American. Jimmy writes to his audience in a powerful way to contradict those prejudice views. The authors bitterness towards white Americans is because he thinks they are very privileged and unaware of the difficulties the people with these ethnic backgrounds have of living in poverty and having their children suffer. This showcases the reality that Mexicans are having to risk their life to cross the border because they want a better life and are escaping the gruesome factors in their country. This poem reaches a larger demographic of mixed nationalities who are in fact Americans but blindsided by this serious issue. This poem acknowledges the majority of Hispanics living by the southern border in the United

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