Analysis Of Soul By Soul By Walter Johnson

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The book "Soul by Soul" talks about one of the largest antebellum slave market that has happened in the South, specifically, in New Orleans. The author, Walter Johnson, describes the slave "pens" of New Orleans to establish a full understanding on how the American slave system worked. While in the pens, slaves were locked in cages or cells. A tight jail for hundreds of slaves with poor sanitary conditions, smells, and noise from all the slaves living together inside the Crammed quarters. Basically, a life as cattle living packed in a stable. He also wants the reader to understand slave trading from the perspective of the slave, the slave owner, and the slave trader. This history provides the reader a description of slavery on their harsh lives, families separation, slaves being brutally mistreated, and the fear of how their new masters would treat them.

During the antebellum south, white male slave-owners and buyers would classify male slave into a series of different tiers to identify their capabilities: skin color, weight, height, gender, and age. Women were also priced accordingly based on their skin tone color. Lighter skinned women were not compatible for outdoor labor, but instead they were suited for household chores because they were too weak to work in the fields. Unlike the darker skinned slaves, those are best suited to work in the fields and outdoor labor. The darker the skin, the healthier the slave was. Young adult slaves were typically at a higher
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