Talking With Pat Mora Analysis

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The “Talking with Pat Mora” Jeanette Larson. Larson interviews poet Pat Mora and talks about her work and why she became an author. Larson ask Mora on her journey to becoming a writer and poet. She explains that it all started in a house with books. (23) She then says that the reason for it was because of her family and teachers around her at a young age. (Larson 23) Larson then continues with the interview by asking Mora about that her poetry has interesting topics. (23) Mora explains that she writes about what she loves “family, the desert, Mexican culture. I’m also curious, so I savor stories and imagine the lives of others.”. (23) Mora explains that she “listens to a variety of voices girls and boys.” It lets her creative side come out …show more content…

Mora says “I certainly hope to communicate with all kinds of reader, but when I begin a poem, I’m immersed in the pleasure and challenge of listening to words.” (Larson 23-24) She hoped that what she wrote in her poems would show the reader who she was and what her culture is and what it means to her. Larson’s next question is that mora hasn’t written any novels in verse and if she ever considered that format to tell her stories. (24) Mora explains that poetry is her favorite genre. But it is too difficult to place a poetry manuscript, and “it’s difficult to have a poetry book widely read by any age group. To be honest, it’s usually hard enough for a Latina to have a manuscript accepted without that added fiction-in-poetry hurdle. (24) Larson’s next question is “Is there a poem by someone else that you wish you had written?” Mora explains that there are many poems she wished she written her book Adobe Odes (2006) was inspired by Pablo Neruda a Chilean Poet who happened to be a Nobel Prize winner. She also explains writing for various genres makes her want to write more “Writing for children, teens, and adults and writing in various genres means I’m longing daily to write more and better in many formats.” (24) Larson’s next question was “Which of your books was the most challenging for you to write and why?” Mora says

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