Meter Essays

  • Rota Meter Essay

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    Rota Meter : Rota Meter is device used for measure mass flow rate of liquid in closed tube. Range : (0 to 6) liter per minute Experimental Setup : CH-3.2 : Spraying Components Rotary Pump : This pump will pressurize the pesticides from the pesticides tank transfer the liquid to the nozzle by means of piping system. It made by Speed Company. Sprayers : Sprayers used to spray high pressure liquid to the filed. Wheels : Wheels are used for propel the equipment. Required diameter

  • Smart Meter Essay

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    relevance of using smart meter in attaining energy as well as cost saving in Malaysia setting. An analysis on the energy consumption before and after applying the smart meter system in different setting will be performed. In sum, this research may provide better comprehension on the significance of implementation of smart meter system in this country.

  • Comparing The Theme Of Death In Emily Dickinson's Mid-Term Break

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    The iambic meter used through out the poem sets a slow, unhurried pace, which reflects the journey that the persona takes, and creates a calming sense around the character of death. Dickinson’s use of hyphens also results in a sense that the lines are being carried

  • Ode On A Grevia Plath Poetry Analysis

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    There are a multitude of techniques poets use to make their poetry both pithy and complex. Due to the limitations of certain poetic forms, poets may be forced to use the devices of meter and diction to accurately express their commentary. Some poets may choose to use allusions to relate a number of scenarios to a certain theme, utilizing the historical context of these scenarios as further material for interpretation. Other poets may choose the opposite approach to economy, intentionally writing

  • Analysis Of Kissing By Fleur Adcock

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    “Kissing” by Fleur Adcock deals with the transitions in a relationship. There isn’t any noticeable rhyme scheme or meter to the poem; the syllable count is almost regular. Since the poem only has two stanzas - both focusing on a relationship very different from each other in terms of time - there is a strong contrast between the modern and the traditional relationships. To expand on this further, the events seem to have been chronologically arranged as things would progress in a relationship. Figurative

  • Essay On Modern Poetry

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    Modern poetry is in open form and free verse. It is pessimistic in tone, portraying loss in faith and psychological struggle which is quite different from the fixed forms and meters of traditional poetry. Secondly, modern poetry is fragmented in nature, containing juxtaposition, inter-textuality and allusion. It has no proper beginning, middle or end. Thirdly, modern poetry is predominantly intellectual in its appeal, rather than emotive. Fourthly, modern poetry involved symbolism, greatest example

  • Reflective Commentary On The Poem

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    is a poem composed of four different sections of verse; three ballad stanzas, a section of blank verse followed by a rhyming couplet and finally four stanzas of free verse. The first three sections of prose are written in predominately consistent meter, alternating iambic tetra- and trimeter in the three ballad stanzas, and iambic pentameter in the section of blank verse and the rhyming couplet. “Predominately” as there are some substitutions within two of the ballad stanzas (despite the poet’s best

  • Literary Devices Used In Tennyson's The Lady Of Shalott

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    The Lady of Shalott is an amazing poem written by Tennyson Alfred that is portrayed by a random person who heard the story before from someone else. The poem intertwines literary devices, figurative language, and other poetic tools to create an abstract poem that efficiently tells the story of the legend of the mysterious Lady of Shalott. This poem gives a connection between the busy, outside world and the isolate life of the Lady of Shalott. This connection represents the theme in which Tennyson

  • The Strict Iambic Poem Analysis

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    variation, almost the “blood beat” of the poem with a flutter of the pulse as danger and fear threaten. Although the poem carries such a steady four beat line that the accentual meter of the Germanic poetries, almost the Old English Alliterative beat, comes to mind, this is an example not of Jennings’ usual “loose iambic” meter but of the “strict iambic” which has been termed accentual-syllable”(Fussell 11). There are eight syllables per line through-out, and Jennings appears to adapt a Romantic subject

  • Short Story By Roald Dahl Analysis

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    Short Story is the art of storytelling that has evolved from the traditions of giving oral narrations in the 17th century. Short stories are defined as prose and may be differentiated from poetry as there is no use of rhyming words, rhythm verses or meters. The length of the narrative is usually not more than 50 pages or that which can be entirely read in one sitting. A Short Story is different from a novel in that it normally revolves around two or three main characters with supporting few minor characters

  • On The Ning Nag Poem Analysis

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    The two contrasting poems I have chosen to compare historically, thematically and stylistically are, ‘THE STORY OF LITTLE SUCK-A-THUMB’ by Dr Hoffman and ‘ON THE NING NANG NONG’ by Spike Milligan. (McGough and Moxley, 2002) The 18th century was when traditional oral rhymes were put into print, from lullabies to nonsense rhymes. These rhymes are difficult to trace the origins of, however, Iona and Peter Opie suggest that most traditional oral rhymes originate from ballads, folk songs and old traditions

  • The Voice Thomas Hardy Analysis

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    first stanza with “call to me” and “all to me”. This poem is written in dactylic tetrameter. This means that it is made up of four feet of one stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables. This is different from the meter that Hardy usually uses (and is also a rare meter in general), perhaps to show how confused or unsure Hardy is about whether the sound he’s hearing is the voice of Emma or just the wind. It should be noted that this poem was written after Hardy’s wife, Emma had died. The two

  • Poem Analysis: Bonny Barbara Allen

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    Music is a powerful way to communicate. In the traditional folk ballad “Bonny Barbara Allen,” the use of syllables makes the poem more interesting. The rhythm gives this poem a musical feeling. Furthermore, the examples of alliteration and rhyme tie the poem together, and enhance its musicality. The poem uses poetic sounds to create a more interesting musical quality. The ballad’s syllables enhance interest in the poem. The first and last stanzas both have the same number of syllables per line,

  • Analysis Of 'Leap' By Brian Doyle

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    "Leap" by Brian Doyle is a poem that describes the event of 9/11 focusing on a specific couple who jumped together, holding hands as if they were meant to be together at that particular moment. On the other hand, "Desperation Force a Horrific Decision" by Dennis Cauchon and Martha Moore is a newspaper article that describes the event of 9/11 in a more professional way giving more details about the event focusing on the jumpers in general and what made them make the decision of jumping from the buildings

  • Wordsworth's Poems: The Dynamics Of Language In Poetry

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    The Dynamics of Language in Poetry Poetry (Greek word means something made or created) is an art form in which human language is used for its aesthetic qualities in addition to, or instead of, its notional and semantic content. It consists largely of oral or literary works in which language is used in a manner that is felt by its user and audience to differ from ordinary prose. It may use condensed or compressed form to convey emotion or ideas to the reader's or listener's mind or ear; it may also

  • Cruda Amarilli Fifth Madrigal Analysis

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    This emphasizes the weight of Mirtillo’s loss, the listener visualizes an image of people parting since the voices move away from each other in a fashion that is staggered. The piece ends on an A major triad, although the lighter harmonic repercussion is somehow lost in relation to the preceding measures of sorrow. “Ah, dolente partita” shows the development of madrigals and bridges the gap between the renaissance and the baroque periods. Although it contains many conventions that were used before

  • My Last Duchess And La Belle Dame Sans Merci Poem Analysis

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    A French poet, Victor Hugo, once said ‘Life is the flower for which love is the honey.’ Love is an universal passion or an intense sense of affection towards. Love takes an infinite form. A love for a hobby; a love for an animal or pet; a love for a person. Love can be seen as stereotypical, something that is interpreted as humble and embracing. However, love can be harsh, cruel, harmful and restrictive, a more realistic perspective than a prejudice fantasy. This essay will compare and contrast six

  • The Poet's Occasional Alternative By Grace Paley Summary

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    "The Poet’s Occasional Alternative" by Grace Paley and ‘In My Craft or Sullen Art’ by Dylan Thomas are poems which portrays writing as an arduous and under-appreciated form of art. In "The Poet’s Occasional Alternative", the speaker’s disillusionment with the poor reception of his poetry is exacerbated by the contrasting attention his pie receives, while the speaker in ‘In My Craft or Sullen Art’ reveals his motivations for persevering in his writing despite the lack of attention it receives. Both

  • Analysis Of The River-Merchant's Wife By Ezra Pound

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    The memory of love in someone 's mind has always been found in someone 's poetry. It is hard to deny that poetry is one of the most fascinating writing and creative arts. There are so many poets in the history that get perceived as an admirable poet. It is not surprising that Ezra Pound is one of them because he had written the most beautiful poetry which is called The River-Merchant 's Wife: A Letter. This poetry is the glorious one that expresses the unspoken feelings of someone who have to separate

  • Love Song With Two Goldfish Analysis

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    The two poems I have decided to compare are “Love song, with two goldfish” by Grace Chua and “Valentine” by Carol Ann Duffy, because of the way in which the poet surprises the reader. The reader is initially deceived by the titles given to the poems; “Love song, with two goldfish”, for instance, is quite an unusual title. Animals are rarely ever associated with strong feelings of love and relationship – goldfish make no exception. “Valentine”, similarly, tricks the reader by suggesting that the poem