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Project Title: Personal Injury Attorney in Tavares, Florida
Tavares, FL | America’s Seaplane City
Tavares (pronounced as ‘tuh-vair-ees’) is a city located in central Florida, Lake County, USA. It was incorporated in 1880. The city was founded by Alexander St. Clair–Abrams, who was a part of the journalism and rail industry. Tavares’ infrastructure started with the establishment of a post office in 1883.
Slowly, more buildings came up and by 1884 Tavares had a hotel, three stores, one sawmill and eight cottages. Witnessing the quick development, St. Clair-Abrams then concentrated on building railroads from Tavares to Orlando and in 1919, after which Tavares was officially incorporated as a town. Today, Tavares is known as “America’s Seaplane …show more content…

Other notable landmarks that Tavares is known for are: Kraft Azalea Garden, Casa Feliz, Windermere 9/11Memorial and Hannibal Square.
However, Tavares is mostly known for its famous Seaplane Base. The Tavares Seaplane Base is owned by Tavares city and has become a mode of public transportation. The Seaplane Base is located in Lake Dora. The LakeExpress seaplane services operate by providing the general public a transit from Lady Lake to Mount Dora every hour.
Personal Injury Laws in Florida
Damages to properties and reputation are not the only factors protected by law. Relevance is also given to the most important asset of all—our bodies. That’s where personal injury laws come in. Anybody would regard their bodies as the most important asset of their life.
If anyone becomes the cause for an injury on your body, whether directly or indirectly, automatically becomes liable to compensate you, under the Negligence and Personal Injury laws of the State of Florida. It is important to hire a professional attorney’s valuable services to receive proper compensation and justice for the harm done to your body.
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Pure Comparative Negligence Rule
Most times in self-defense, the accused puts across a countercharge against the accuser on one or more grounds. In such exceptional cases, the ‘pure comparative negligence rule’ is applied. Under this rule, the fault(s) of both the accuser are also taken into account in detail.
A comparative analysis is conducted, wherein the fault(s) of both parties are compared along with submitted proof(s) to reach a conclusion. If the accuser is found to have 10% liability in the accident, then the compensation amount declines by this percentage.
As a professional established law firm in Tavares, Johnson and Johnson specialize in protecting its clients against faulty countercharges put across by illicit businesses.
Damage Caps in Personal Injury in Florida
The statutes of damage caps have defined a limit on the amount of compensation a victim can receive with respect to the case and losses incurred. While the limit has been set to $500,000 it is not an absolute value that pertains to every case. If the compensatory damages exceed the amount then the accused needs to fulfill the

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