Analysis Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The memoir “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls explains her childhood growing up with a nomadic dysfunctional family. “The Glass Castle” should be recommended to read as a summer assignment. Jeannette Walls writes this memoir about her not so perfect family to persuade her audience that you can overcome any obstacle.Jeannette Walls faces a lot as a child and still manages to achieve her goals despite her past.
The memoir can be relatable to young adults, as young adults face many challenges growing up. Young adults face a plethora of issues and to know that they’re not alone , and somebody else faced the same problems or even worse problems ,may help the youth find this memoir relatable. The entire memoir is about Jeannette struggling of her irrational family. Jeanette family never stayed in one place and when they did the conditions were poor. Jeannette mentioned “Instead of beds, we kids each slept on a cardboard box, like the ones refrigerator get delivered in”. Imagine you and your siblings sleeping on a cardboard box calling it a bed.We don’t know what a child goes home to after school , so this memoir can be reasonable relabtable for those youths that life isn’t so good after they leave school and ensure them that despite what they are going through they should still work to accomplish their dreams. …show more content…

The memoir is inspirational demonstrating hard times don’t last forever. Jeannette Walls and her siblings ate margarine and sugar for dinner because their parents couldn’t provided a reasonable meal for them. Jeannette Walls and her siblings are motivated to have a better life than what their parents did.Jeannette and Lori moved to New York after high school after highschool to find work. They left their parents behind homeless to start their own lives and find careers. Jeannette starts a career as a journalist, demonstrating that no matter what you can become

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