Analysis Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The Glass Castle is a emotional memoir that takes the reader on an adventure with the Author Jeannette Walls. The storys starts off from one of Jeanette's earliest memories. Cooking hot dogs as a three year old she caught on fire and obtained bad burns. A three year making hot dogs without any help or parental guidance or supervision. In this memoir the reader is taken up through Jeanette's life and will quicked learn the rocky relationship between the kids and the parents. Rex and Rose Mary Walls are Jeannette's parents. They are both free soles looking for a new adventure. For them it might be fun, but for the kids they are constantly moving from town to town not getting a good school experience. Rex and Rose Mary try to be supportive parents but they sometimes forget what's best for their children. …show more content…

In one part he hears a story of a Mountain lion that was shot he gets very upset and takes the family to the zoo. In the car ride he tells the kids “I'm going to show you, no matter how big or wild, it's not dangerous as long as you know what you are Doing, this is ones of Rex’s good moments in the book. Throughout the book you learn that Rex has his fair share of issues. His worst is his alcohol abuse. Rex is an alcoholic and and very emontaily unstable. Whole they are in Welch living with their grandparents Rex and Rose Mary leave, whole they are gone Erma tried molesting Brian. Brian gets Lorie and Jeanette's attention and fight burts out. Later that night when the parents come home hey Hear talking with Erma then Rex busts in the room and says “Brian is a man, he can take it” this shows Rex’s bad side. Unfortunately Rex’s bad behavior out weights his good behavior in the

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