Parenting Tactics: Rex Walls And Walt Disney

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Rex Walls and Walt Disney had similar parenting tactics. Rex Walls did not believe in “babying” his children. “I didn't treat my own youngsters like fragile flowers, and I think no parent should,” explains Disney. One day Rex takes his children to the Hot Pot where Jeannette does not know how to swim. Rex teaches Jeannette how to swim by throwing her into the pool and letting her struggle sink until she finds a way to swim. Rex continues to rescue her then throw her back into the pool until she gets fed up and distances herself from him. As Disney explains how he doesn't treat his children like “fragile flowers” neither does Rex. Both Rex and Walt Disney in not shadowing their children from the reality of life but instead exposing them to it. …show more content…

One day Jeannette was cooking hotdogs when her clothes got too close to the fir and she burned herself. They rushed her to the hospital. She stayed there for a few nights until Rex came and grabbed her and left the hospital with the bill unpaid. Another incident was when Rex was moving the family to another town yet again, and the car door flew open and Jeannette falls out. Jeannette sits on the side of the road with a bloody broken nose for a while waiting for her family to come back. Her dad comes back and tells her joke not even worrying about the broken nose. Rose Walls was pregnant. After Rose and Rex get into a huge fight; Rex chases her and tries to run her over with the car while she’s pregnant. Another incident is when Rex rents a U-haul truck and tells the kids to sit in the back. When they go over a bump Brian nearly falls out of the car. Rex carelessly takes his children around not worrying if they would be hurt or injured. And lastly Rex and Rose leave the kids with Erma when they go to phoenix. Erma is even meaner when Rex and Rose leave. When the Jeannette and Lori are in the other room they hear Erma trying to molest Brian. Jeannette sees and tries to hit Erma, after missing, Erma slaps her Jeannette making Lori mad and she punches Erma in the face. When Rex comes back he’s mad at the kids and not

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