Disney And Disney's Impact On The Spread Of Cultures

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Cultures are spread through globalisation through knowledge, ideas, clothing, beliefs, values, languages, food and movies. When contact occurs between cultures, all ideas are spread and transferred which has become easier nowadays than in the past because fewer people were to able to travel and experience the rest of the world. Disney, Disney princesses especially, has had a big impact on the spread of cultures from Saudi Arabia 's Aladdin to Germany 's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to China 's Mulan. Not only has Disney spread the culture of beliefs and values, most children from all around the world who has watched a Disney princess original would be able to identify the traditional dresses such as the Qipao from China in Mulan. Their movies have also given children a way to apprehend various styles of cultures. These are some examples: …show more content…

Next, some characters in Mulan, Yao and Chien-Po, are seen practicing religious mediation and relaxation. Although the movie, Hercules does not give us the full taste of Ancient Greece, the movie definitely gives us a glimpse of the Ancient Greek culture. Moving on to Frozen, one of the most popular Disney princess movies of all time, the movie had different aspects of Norway including accents, names, hairstyles, clothing and settings. Cassie Fong, a Polynesian senior, says “I think it brings awareness that we’re not Hawaiian, we’re not Filippino, we’re our own culture, our own people.” Aladdin also demonstrates the Islamic ethics when Aladdin and Abu represent the sentiment of charity which is the third Pillar of Islam, "Zakat" by giving away their only rations to two

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