Semiotics In Disney Movies

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Introduction Throughout the 20th century and even today, Disney has been a major part of children’s youth. When children are young, they can be taught anything and they learn it very quickly. In our society, young children learn the religion when they are so young. When the child watches a Disney cartoon or movie they tend to imagine what would it be like to have the life shown in Disney. Disney creates an imaginative land in the minds of the children that the can do whatever, and be whatever they want, they are only limited by their imagination. Disney creates a mindset that anything is possible and that fairytales do come true. When children watch Disney movies, they form a Utopia an imaginary word in which everything is good and there are no problems and even if there are the people can always win. When I was young I was fascinated by the Disney movies and I still am. They provide us with a perception of a better life. Children are the same their perception is made…show more content…
This has led them to create “signs” and “signs systems” such as language. The study of these signs and what exactly do people perceive as the meaning behind those signs is called semiotics. Semiotics attempts to solve the question that: what is X? X can be anything from a lyric of a song or a dialogue in a play. It can have various different meanings as perceived by the audience. Semiotics deals with signs but signs cannot be explained in terms of media, these signs can be anything from vocal, verbal, non-vocal, non-verbal to subliminal. Semiotics deals with two major sub categories which are signifier and signified. Signifier states that any word or a picture which is spoken or shown to the audience. Signified is the perceived meaning behind it. For example if you see the color red many people will perceive it as a clowns nose or a red stop sign. Each individual perceives a different meaning due to his subconscious each image, color,design.
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