Disney's Marketing Strategies For Disney

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Disney has been a worldwide phenomenon in terms of creating entertainment for kids and even older adults. Disney has been able to expand and grow its franchises and create new franchises that are capable of become world-wide hits. Its due to its ability to change and manipulate its marketing strategies that allow Disney to appeal to its market. Another main marketing strategy that has allowed Disney to dominate all of its competition has recently been by cross platforming and taking over different companies and implementing them so that they can increase profits. Disney’s ability to change its focused demographics, create a substantial competitive advantage, manipulate the marketing mix to fit each franchise, and focus on specific strategic plans has allowed for Disney to become one of the top platforms in the world. Disney’s change from appealing to one segment of the market, which originally was focused on younger children, to focusing on appealing to many different demographics and marketing groups was achieved by using multiple marketing segments or strategies paired with implementing different marketing mixes. In Disney’s case, they changed their product or shows/movies in order to target different age groups as well as different sexes. The first change was that Disney moved the Disney Channel from premium to basic cable in order to allow for almost everyone with basic cable to have access to their shows, which Disney done by changing its place component of the

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