Analysis Of The Mother-Daughter Book Club By Heather Vogel Kind

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Everyone is different. We all have our own personalities and we all take different directions in our lives. People often find themselves lost in this giant world and feel as if they can't share what they are truly thinking or feeling. They hide their personalities and shield themselves from the people of the world, and the quote "Character is what you in the dark." all the more true. It summarizes what everyone feels at one point or another in their life. In one book called The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick, the story of four girls and their mother's is told and how they too hide their "true selves" from the world and it truly supports the quote above. The book takes place in Concord, Massachusetts and is about 4 girls named Emma Hawthorne, Jess Delaney, Cassidy Sloane and Megan Wong. Their mom's know how insecure they feel about themselves and how closed off they all can be unless they are by themselves. They create a club for all of their daughters where they can learn about one another and become friends while also experiencing the joys of literature. The book begins when the characters of the book are at school or at their club and they are not friends and feel as if they can truly be themselves when they are by themselves. Emma, a closed off bookworm, loves being by herself with her books and can only manage to open up when she writes in her journal or when she is alone with her mom. Jess, a farm girl whose mother is living in New York to pursue an acting career, feels lost without …show more content…

The Mother Daughter Book Club is a perfect example of the quote "Character is what you are in the dark." All of the characters in the book experience this feeling- as do all people- and even though they eventually find a way to come out of their shells, they know exactly what this quote means and how it applies to them. That is why this book is the perfect example of the

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