Analysis Of The Pomegranate By Eavan Boland

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Through Eavan Boland 's poetry, she looks back on things that have happened in her life, pondering their meaning and how they have impacted her for good or bad. She does this through her use of language. There are recurring themes in her poetry. She refers to mythology and folklore and compares them to life experiences. Boland uses simple and accessible language even when dealing with complex emotions. Her use of different stanza lengths adds depth to her poems.

There are certain themes that continuously appear throughout Boland 's work. Theme 's such as parental and romantic love, the passage of time, and mythology are examples of these recurring themes.As she is a mother herself, it 's not surprising that Boland often deals with the theme of motherhood and parental love. She deals with the loss of a child in 'Child of our time '. How instead of the parents setting an example for their child, it is the parents who "must learn from you dead". The natural order has been disrupted and the image of how life should be is now broken. 'The Pomegranate ' on the other hand, tackles the struggles and inner conflict a mother endures knowing her child is growing up and will soon leave. She has no choice but to accept this, otherwise she will "diminish the gift" of life. All she can offer her daughter is what she has learnt from her own life experiences. It is understandable that the mother does not want her child to stop depending on her. But as a daughter, myself, I can relate to

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