Analysis Of The River-Merchant's Wife By Ezra Pound

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The memory of love in someone 's mind has always been found in someone 's poetry. It is hard to deny that poetry is one of the most fascinating writing and creative arts. There are so many poets in the history that get perceived as an admirable poet. It is not surprising that Ezra Pound is one of them because he had written the most beautiful poetry which is called The River-Merchant 's Wife: A Letter. This poetry is the glorious one that expresses the unspoken feelings of someone who have to separate from the lover into a love letter. Undoubtedly, it is a free verse poetry because it does not have a usual rhyme and a rule for stressed and unstressed syllables in the word each a line. It represents the story by using a technique of figurative language, such as symbolism to express the speaker 's feelings and the behaviors through the object, and imagery to reveal the picture of the nature. Furthermore, this poetry also reveals the viewpoint of love in a stage of living since a puppy love, the beginning of marriage life, a life after marriage, and a marriage life without the spouse.
The viewpoint of love in a childhood is an innocent and mirthful love. The speaker who be mentioned as "I" in the line 1 to 6 refers to a Chinese girl, herself in the past and the addressee who be identified as "You" refers to the speaker’s lover, a young boy, while they were still together as an innocent and a lively child. In the lines 1 to 6 in the poetry, the speaker shows about the nostalgia

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