The Shroud Of Turin Essay

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The Shroud of Turin
At different times throughout the year you can visit the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, Italy and see the Shroud of Turin proudly on display. The Shroud of Turin has a special place in many Christians’ hearts, using it as proof that their savior, Jesus Christ, was crucified and died for them. The Shroud itself is a 14 ft 5 in × 3 ft 7 in piece of linen, which is believed by many to contain the image of Jesus Christ. It is a sacred item to Christianity, although they have neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the Shroud, yet it is something they often display. There are many arguments that have been made for and against the authenticity of the Shroud as Jesus’ burial cloth. There has even been scientific testing both proving and disproving the authenticity of it, regardless its authenticity will never be agreed upon by all. The authenticity of the Shroud of Turin has been refuted for generations. Many have their minds set that the Shroud of Turin is, indeed, the burial cloth of Jesus of …show more content…

One of these men being Jesus Christ himself, who was crucified for Christians everywhere. He is considered to be their savior that freed them from their sins. So it is no mystery that his very burial cloth is one of the most sacred Christian relics. But the legitimacy of this cloth has been questioned for centuries, even though it has been backed up by both science and accounts from the Bible. A carbon 14 test revealed that its date of origin is from the time Jesus was alive. The fact that it was created using no pigments or dyes adds to what scientist consider to be an anomaly, in the sense that it is unknown how it was made. Finally, accounts of Jesus and the appearance of a crucified person have been used to identify this image of a man on the shroud as the one and only Jesus Christ. All together, this evidence fully proves the authenticity of the Shroud of

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