Analysis Of Tyranny Of A Nice Or Suburban Girl

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Poetry Analysis All over the world there are diverse authors who want to represent their feeling in the various types of writings. One of the most frequently used classifications of writing can include poetry; a composition that represents a feeling on a specific topic that is meant to be read or listened to. As stated before, there are hundreds of different poems, yet two of my favorite poems can include “The Tyranny of a Nice or Suburban Girl” by Sarah J. Liebman and “Autobiography in Five Short Chapters” by Portia Nelson. Although both of these poems possess powerful tones as well as structures that are able to pass the meaning of the poem to the reader, the two of them are very different when it comes to figurative language. With “The Tyranny of a Nice or Suburban Girl” having a lack of any figurative language, it has a persuasive tone, theme, and structure to make up for this loss. Meanwhile, “Autobiography in Five Short Chapters” has a presence of metaphors, symbolism, and hyperboles that accompanied by it’s own compelling tone, theme, and structure are able to create a clear message towards the reader. Organized and influential structures are present in both author’s poems and with this they are able to demonstrate the clear message of “The Tyranny of a Nice or Suburban Girl” and “Autobiography in Five Short Chapters.” The structure in both poems is quite similar, their phrases are all aligned to the left; even though it’s free verse, there poem is separated in

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