Analysis Of Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse

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The study is designed to understand the different social issues related to different characters in the novel To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. It focuses on the Victorian and Modern marriages and highlights how the female characters are different from one another. Similarly, there are a lot of religious doubt, degrading women, and an unclear vision in the novel by one of the characters. However, there are deaths in the novel too. Similarly, it will focus on the two central women in the story. Study wants to show that Virginia Woolf created two very different characters but with a very interesting and complex connection. The first one is Mrs. Ramsay, a woman still belonging to the Victorian age, the second, Lily Briscoe, here called a “New woman”. My intention is also to analyze the significance of Lily’s painting and how it symbolizes and represents her coming to terms with her homosexuality, and simultaneously her feelings towards Mrs. Ramsay. To the Lighthouse depends almost on the passing of time, it expands or contracts the sense of time very freely It is a book, with an ironical or wistful query and questions of life and reality. The people in Woolf’s book seem to be looking through each other with some far question; and, although they interact vividly, they are not completely real to know people in outline are one way of knowing them. Moreover, they are seen here in the way they are meant to be seen. However, the result is that you know quite well the kind of

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