Analysis: The Road You Will Go Bounding

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The Road You Will Go Bounding There are plenty of resources that can give advice on things pertaining to life. If we will take those resources and apply it to ourselves, then they can help make our life happier by giving us insight on different things. The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, Oh the Places You Will Go by Dr. Seuss, and the Pixar short Boundin’ are all fantastic to look into. The Road Not Taken is a poem that explains the different pathways available to us. In this poem the narrator comes to a choice. He can’t see the consequences per choice, but he can look down the road and try to guess what some of them might be. He couldn’t decide but in the end he chose a path. He wouldn’t get the other paths consequences but the path he…show more content…
These are the two big roads for me. Both could have many burdens and pleasures, and I can only guess what those would be. I have to eventually make a choice, which would have it consequences. But life will happen and so I have to choose and choose all the way. The decisions we make change our lives. Oh, the Places You’ll Go talks about YOU making YOUR choices. We have to study the choices to be made and decide on one; use all our options. By choosing the forks in the road you will have amazing experiences and things you never could have predicted will happen. Bad things will happen no matter how well you make your choices. Are you going to just not go anywhere out of safety and comfort, or live and take a chance for good things? Make your own path. Do something. Don’t wait for others to make you happy or to choose for you. Deciding on a college is tough but the people who I’ll meet or the teachers that are there may be totally unexpected. I make my own choices for everything. I also have to remember that because both have pros and cons, I have to study the facts and pick the best one for me and go all into it. Just keep moving forward ‘cause there isn’t away to go the other direction. Some people wait, like they said in the book. I don’t want to be one to wait around. I want to live and go on many adventures. Hope for the best and have the strength to encounter and any strong winds that just so happen

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