Similarities Between Robert Frost And O Captain My Captain

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When reading the poems “The road not taken” by Robert Frost,and “O’Captain,My Captain” by Walt Whitman it is evident that both have a great deal of distinctions, as well as commonalities. The first poem,“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is a symbolic story of a young man discovering his path in life.“The Road Not Taken” begins during Autumn, in the woods. The speaker,a young man, takes a stroll along a road. Eventually,he reaches a point in which the road diverges into two. Knowing that “way leads onto way”, it is not likely he will come back. The man must make an important decision regarding which path he will pursue. The speaker, on an impulse, decides to be daring, and take the road less traveled upon. He possibly chose the less taken road, frightened by the idea of missing out on something significant. However, the author predicts that he took the wrong path. In his opinion, he will regret his choices further down the road. He says he shall be telling his story with a sigh once the time is right. The path would negatively impact his future. The second poem is titled “O’Captain,My Captain” The poem was written by Walt Whitman as a tribute to Abraham Lincoln, our sixteenth president. The poem itself begins on the water. Many soldiers are returning from the fearful Civil War. The soldiers fought long and hard for their side. Eventually,after four years, they had claimed victory. As they were returning to the land,the people could be heard cheering

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