Road Not Taken

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The poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost was about a decision. Two inviting roads existed in front of the speaker, but he could only choose one to travel in the rest of his life. No one knew which road was better or what’s waiting for him in the future, there seemed plenty of imaginary spaces left to the audiences. However, instead of focused on the importance of his finally choice: the road taken, more attentions was given to the given up choice: the road not taken. The writer’s opinion was explicitly showed in the title ‘The Road Not Taken’; which meant from the very beginning it was a poem about lost, not gain. I think the tone of the poem was decided long before it was written, even the choice to give up which one had already been made before. The most clear evidence was the past tense. The situation of the roads was in past tense ‘diverged’ and the speaker’s actions like ‘stood’ ‘looked’ ‘took’ were all in past tense too. Even his …show more content…

He still believed ‘I kept the first for another day!’ However, when the poem was wrote, he realized that he may had already missed the not taken road forever. From my perspective, he then felt ‘sorry’ for he ‘could not travel both’ and ‘Yet knowing how ways leads on to way, / I doubted if I could ever come back.’ Even though the second time period was not mentioned explicitly, it could be inferred from the plot. For example, in the third stanza of this poem, the speaker still believed that he ‘kept’ the not taken road for another day; but in the second line of first stanza, he had was already ‘sorry’ for he ‘could not travel both’. Definitely, the travel both willing must happened before he discovered he ‘could not travel both’. This two time period was mixed up in the poem, which could be confusing; but there mixed up was like flashback in films. It produced more suspenses and sense of

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