The Road Not Taken Argument

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The poem The Road Not Taken has been misinterpreted in many ways. For started the poem is about a person whom was walking down a yellow brick road. While the person is walking down the road he or she notice a split between the road leading through two different path. The person decided to make a choice by looking as far as he or she could through both road and chooses the one that was less traveled by. Although the poem see pretty easy to read it wasn 't as easy to figure out what Mr. frost was expressing when writting The Road Not Taken. Even famous English writers could not figure out what Mr. Frost meant about his poem. Many say that, perhaps the poem is to be diverse, to fit in those who lives seems to inspire. But the we have a group that…show more content…
An article called; What give Robert Frost 's "The Road Not Taken" It 's power? Brake down the poem from stanza to stanza giving you all the key point to Mr. frost point of view in the road not taken. The article states that for the stanza where Mr. frost speaks about the Road he took that was less traveled and how that road made all the difference" is actually speaking in reference to the North Of Boston as an apparent Declaration of Independence against cosmopolitanism, society and the option of other. The poem is unique in its own way not unique as in one of a kind but unique as in having different meaning to want the poet would like for the readers to…show more content…
However the author expressed himself by speaking about the road that he took, but the poem is called the Road Not Taken, Could it be that all this time Mr. Frost was speaking about the road he didn 't take? An article called "The Poem Everyone Loves And Everyone Gets Wrong" talks in behave of the poem 's title and give you fact of how the author came about the poem. The article states how the poem was originally called Two Roads. Frost then wanted to challenge readers and ask them self question as of what was the poets ideas, what did the author want to tell the readers. "The Road less Traveled" its "The Road Not Taken", and the road not taken of course it 's the road he did not take; which means that the title passes over the "less traveled" road the speaker claims to have followed in order to foreground the road he never tried". The article also clarifies that "The title isn 't about what he did; it 's about what he didn 't do or is it"? The article still leave us with the thought of , did the poem take the road less traveled by or did he want to take the road less traveled by but didn 't? It seem as if frost never traveled anywhere and predicted he did. When he expressive the last thought of the road less travelled, Mr. Frost stated how he would love to tell the story of The Road

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