Thesis Statement In Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

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Matthew Ferguson English 102 Professor June 7, 2015 The Road Not Taken Thesis Statement: We come to countless decisions in life, and there are issues we have to let chance take command. I. Introduction a. Thesis Statement i. Robert Frost ii. Lyric poem iii. Choosing the road II. Choices a. Decisions making with senses b. Making decisions with sight III. Interpret the Poem a. Topic sentence b. Why he choose the road he chose IV. Conclusion a. Summarize We come to countless decisions in life, and there are issues we have to let chance take command. Robert Frost is greatly known for his realistic imageries and his illustration of the rural life. Explaining in his writing to help examine the complex philosophical topics like nature …show more content…

The road is considered to be a symbol of his multiple life decisions. When you first read the poem your first instinct is to think that the “traveler” just needs to pick a path to take; but it has a greater meaning. The fact that Frost chose to use this symbol to portray the message makes us have a clear idea of what he is going through. Towards the end of the poem, Frost shows signs of regret because of the road he chose, it shows us how in life a decision can really impact your life and can shape who you are as a person and what type of person you become. The use of symbolism in this poem is basically what leads you into understanding what it’s really trying to say. By the end of the poem, we have learned that the difficulty of choices is that sometimes you really have to let fate take the lead. The use of symbolism with the paths shows that it doesn’t matter which side has been taken more but which is the best one for you. Frost’s use of a metaphor and symbolism helps us clearly understand the meaning of the poem and what he is really trying to say. “The Road Not Taken” is a poem in which we learn that sometimes we have to let fate take the lead. With the use of literary devices and tone we acquire that this poem is trying to show us that life is a mixture of both life decisions and fate. The two paths signifies that the life of the traveler

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