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Slavery is always seen as a problem. Slavery, is the subject of heated debates and the culprit of intense sectionalist divide or to consolidate slaves in legislative representation or the question of which branch of government has the power to outlaw slavery in its territory.. Among the numerous underlying forces and specific events that contributed to this growing opposition the main ones are Abolitionists ,exclusion of slavery, and the growth of anti slavery.

The first underlying force and specific event that helped contribute to the growing opposition of slavery is Abolitionist. William Lloyd Garrison, a radical abolitionist and publisher of The Liberator a harsh critic of the constitution for condoning slavery and founder of the American …show more content…

Garrison publications and groups influenced the growing opposition to slavery tremendously(document E). Theodore parker is a Boston minister and abolitionist the poster in boston encouraged free blacks to avoid police officers who may have been ordered to catch escaped former slaves and return them to slavery.there is a serious opposition to the fugitive slave laws in the north. From the northerners point of view the fugitive slave law contributed to the anti-slavery movement. Religious leader were at the forefront of the abolitionist movement. Both fugitive slaves and free blacks both had a reason to fear the fugitive slave law.The fugitive laws were laws passed by the united states congress in 1793 and 1850 to provide for the return of slaves who escaped from one state into another state or …show more content…

To deal with the new territory The Land Ordinance of 1785 and The Northwest Land Ordinance of 1787 established. The Northwest Land ordinance of 1787 organized how new states would be admitted in the Union and outlawed slavery in the northwest territory. Because slavery is outlawed in northern states the northerners began to have an increased opposition to the southerners slavery institution seeing as more land would be admitted to the US (document A). Frederick douglass is an african american slave who describes his fight with and over seerer, Mr Covey. His fight represent a turning point in his life as a slave and showing his desire for freedom. Slavery destroys a slave’s mind, body, and soul. Douglas is known as one of the most famous antislavery activist publishing the north star.The anti slavery movement gained immense power during the 1830s and 1840s because publications revealed cruelties of the institution(document G).Uncle Tom is known as a very sympathetic christian character. Uncle tom sold 135,000 set and 270,000 volumes it is known as the greatest book of the age. This book influenced the growth of the antislavery movement,it is a very influential swing in northerners opinion and transformed to the opinion that they are

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