Analyze The Reasons For The Children To Meet Boo Radley

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One of the reasons that I predicted the kids will not meet Boo is because he is locked up. Boo has never been seen by anyone in the town. There are stories that he committed crimes and the beadle of the town locked him in the courthouse basement because he wouldn’t lock him up with the negros. For his crimes throughout the town, he was also sent to the state industrial school. After he returned home from the school Mr. Radley kept him locked up in the house and he was never seen again. The Radleys never went to church. Every Sunday their shutters and blinds were closed which was very uncommon in Maycomb, especially on Sundays. A tradition for every woman in Maycomb was to have tea on Sunday afternoons after church. This was not the case for Mrs. Radley, she stayed in the house all day without as much as looking out the window. …show more content…

There is a strange story that Boo was sitting in the living room, and when his parents came in the room he stabbed scissors into their leg. When the police showed up, Mrs. Radley was sitting in the living room perfectly fine. It was also told that at night Boo would be seen peering into the windows of his neighbors houses. Boo was so well known that if a negro was walking down the street, they would cross the street and under no circumstance walk past the house on the same side of the road. Boo was also part of a gang. It was made up of the worst kids in the town. They committed crimes all over the town and even had the guts to lock up the town’s beadle in the outhouse. When Jem would ask about Boo, Atticus would always tell her to mind her own business, and know that Boo was a bad person. These are the reasons that I predicted that the kids will not meet

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