To Kill A Mockingbird Dialectical Journal

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Jarrett Rogers Due Date: Friday 2nd Journal #2 I am reading “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. The story is about a girl named Scout, brother named Jem and a friend named Dill. These 3 search to find Boo Radley. In this journal I will be questioning and predicting G I predict the kids will not meet boo Y Boo is locked up R never comes out R does everything at home R cut his dad with scissors Y Kids are scared of Boo R stories of the house R stories about his terroristic doings R hesitant to go touch his house G The kids will not meet Boo most likely because both he is locked up and he is also scary and intimidating. As I am reading this story, I question what is going on with the character Boo Radley. I predict …show more content…

He could be locked up and hidden from the rest of the city. He never comes out of his house and Dill came up with the idea to try to make him come out. Many people have never seen him and think he may be a myth. They try to get him to come out at the end by going up to touch his house. The shutter and doors to his house were even closed on Sundays. The doors to his house are also always closed on weekdays and he hasn’t been seen in years. Also Boo does everything at his house and nowhere else. He does not go to church, but instead worships at home. He never crosses the street to speak to neighbors or have mid-morning coffee breaks. And he never joins a missionary circle. He could be locked up maybe because of when he stabbed his dad with a scissors. Its said that his father walked into the room while Boo was cutting things, and when his dad came by he stabbed him and just wiped the blood off the scissors and moved on with life. The sheriff wouldn’t put him into the jail with the negroes, so he got locked in the courthouse basement. The kids may also not meet Boo because they are afraid of him. They could be afraid of him because they always hear many stories about his house. The “entity” in the house could make the children behave

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