Boo Radley Trial

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To Kill A Mockingbird Although Scout did not speak very much during this part of the book I think some of her comments and actions caused a colossal impact on how Jem responded to the dare. Jem, still a child, wants to look like he is capable of doing things right, being the second man of the house. It seems Jem feels like he has a moral obligation to be right in every way, and look strong in from of his younger friends, and sister. The fact that scout is younger,and is looking for a reaction drives Jem to do the act. SOme of scouts comments like “Always running.” (Lee 17). Ignited the small pride Jem had, as well as when scout sneered at him because she knew he was afraid. All of which these factor drove Jem to accept, and do the dare which was given to him by dill. 2. There are many “alleged” incidents that make Boo Radley a suspect to a man of violence. One rumor that makes Boo a suspect is when “Boo drove the scissors into his parent’s leg pulled them out , wiped them on his pants a, and resumed his activities“ (Lee 13). Another rumor, or alleged incidence, was that Boo was involved in the nearest thing to a gang that the town had to one, which would lead people to believe he could have been a violent young man. Although there are not many incidents, there are …show more content…

Miss Caroline Fisher and Atticus had somewhat very different ways of teaching. Miss Fisher believed in discipline, and a strict conduct. “Your father does not know how to teach. You can have a seat now” (Lee 23). This simple statement left by Miss Fisher can confirm suspicion that the two people live on two very different teaching regimens. Atticus believes in the process of teaching through experience, while Miss fisher believes in the systems and structure. Atticus taught importants habits, and skills needed to deal in life even if he didn’t know he was teaching them in the first place. Miss Fisher believed in effectives ways of learning, even if that meant starting from scratch, like with

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